About Ayurveda

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a complete life science and is the most ancient healing science of the world.
Ayurveda ,as the name itself suggests has two words-Ayu+ Veda.
Hence the knowledge of life itself is called Ayurveda.Ayu or Life is the combination of Shareera-the physical body and Indriya-the organs of perception&the organs of action,Mana- the psychological component and Atma-the eternal soul.

In Kashyapa samhita,Ayurveda was called as the fifth veda.Ayurveda being a science of life is considered more important than others because without life one can not fullfill the objectives of other four vedas It is commonly supposed that a portion of the Atharvana Veda was devoted to Health and Medicine.

Ayurveda is an exact science. It is the Indian medical science practised by ancient Rishis and seers of India. It is a portion of the Vedas. It is a very effective system of treatment of diseases. It had long period of development in its various branches including surgery. It was very much advanced in ancient India.

Ayurveda can cure certain diseases for which the Allopathic Pharmacopoeia has no remedy. The Charaka dealt with diet, antidotes for poisons, syringes, emetic, purgatives and drugs for the cure of diseases. Sushruta was the greatest surgeon of his time. He practised Aseptic surgery.

Ayurveda or the Science of life is an Upanga of Atharva-Veda. It consists of 100,000 verses in 1000 chapters Ayurveda serves as the best guide for the healthy and for the sick.

Ayurvedic medicines are more effective and less costly. Ayurveda treats of eight subjects: Surgery (Salya), treatment of diseases of the head (Shalaka), treatment of ordinary diseases (Kaya-chikitsa), the processes of counteracting the influences of evil spirits (Bhuta-vidya), treatment of child-diseases (Kaumara-bhritya), antidotes to poisons (Agada tantra), science of rejuvenating body (Rasayana) and the science of acquiring virile strength (Vajikarana).

Disease, according to Ayurveda, is generally defined as derangement of the three Doshas. Health is an equilibrium of the three Doshas.